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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ethics Bowl

My (somewhat amateur) knowledge of philosophy and ethics actually has one specific source (okay, not just one, but it's close enough). Those of you familiar with the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl run by the APPE (Association for Practical and Professional Ethics) likely already know where I'm going with this, given the title of this post.

I did in fact compete in this debate competition in college, and I credit it with giving me the time and practice to develop my interest in ethics and moral philosophy. I'm still not actually very good at either, but I've still learned quite a few things and had far more chances than I otherwise would have to sharpen my debate skills.

Of course, now that I've graduated, I'm not really going to get those chances anymore. Unless I do something stupid like analyze each of the current cases and post my thoughts somewhere... Like here. Get ready for another series of posts over the next few weeks!

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