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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Causes of Violence

The title of today's article speaks for itself fairly well, so I'll just share it in full: "'Unfuckable' Women Don't Go on Killing Sprees". (With thanks to Love Joy Feminism, since I got this link from her post last Saturday.)

The one point it covers that some people might not have heard - or might not be willing to accept - is that it's quite possible for women to end up feeling like they have no shot at relationships or sex. I think the article goes a bit far in saying that such women never blame men for the problem, but it's pretty clear that it's a lot rarer - and violent responses are completely absent.

Then the other point it covers is: Why do we only see the extreme response to this problem from men, not women? Some people might be tempted to say that men just are that much more intrinsically violent - hell, there'd probably be people saying that both as a insult and as a compliment. I think that explanation is a bit too simple, though; I think we need to ask why that is rather than assuming that it's something that will never change. That's where we have to look at the culture we're willing to tolerate and ask how we can change it - because that's where we can effect that change, if we are going to manage to change things.

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